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Welcome to Domnik Canada Inc.

Domnik Canada Inc. supplies a complete range of high quality thermostatic steam traps and spare parts. We have provided products and services tailored to our clients' unique specifications and applications for over 30 years.

The chemical, petrochemical, manufacturing and health industries are just some of the sectors which have benefitted from our products and customized service. Our long-standing relationships with our clients are testament to our tradition of exceptional products and customized quality customer service.

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Our Thermostatic Steam Traps

DMT 12 / N
Thermostatic steam trap for applications involving small to medium sized quantities of condensate, including heaters, small heat exchangers and heating coils.
Thermostatic/thermodynamic steam trap for high pressure steam applications including super-heated steam lines.
All Domnik steam traps conform to the stringent standards outlined by ISO 9001 and are TSSA-registered for all provinces and territories.
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